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How to reach?
We have compiled a complete traffic guide for you. If you have any questions on the way to the hotel, please feel free to contact the customer service staff.
Tel: 03-8123999
Taipei←→Hualien 3.5hr(186km)
GPS Setting
For navigation, please set to search for "遠雄悅來大飯店", if the navigation cannot find this attraction, you can try the following two methods to locate。
1. Address locate:No. 18, Shanling, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
2. Latitude and longitude locate:E'121°35’47.5’;N'23°54’30.2。

Taroko Tilting Train/Puyuma Taipei-Hualien 2hr/Taichung-Hualien 4hr
Zi Qiang Train (North-Link line)Taipei-Hualien 2.5hr/Taichung-Hualien 6.5hr
Zi Qiang Train (North-Link line)Kaohsiung-Hualien 5hr
Tourist Train(North-Link line)Taipei-Hualien 2.5hr

Mandarin Airlines Kaohsiung-Hualien 50 mins
Mandarin Airlines Taichung-Hualien 50 mins
UNI Airlines Songshan-Hualien 50 mins
Shuttle Bus
Routes Train Station→Hotel Hotel→Downtown, Train Station Hotel→Ocean Park Ocean Park→Hotel
Schedule 09:00 08:00 09:00 11:15
10:00 09:00 09:30 12:15
10:30 10:00 10:00 13:15
11:00 11:00 10:30 14:15
11:30 12:00 11:00 15:15
12:00 13:00 12:00 15:45
12:30 14:00 13:00 16:15
13:00 15:00 14:00 16:45
13:30 16:00 15:00(Last) 17:15(Last)
14:00 17:00    
15:00(15:10 Downtown) 18:00    
16:00(16:10 Downtown)      
17:00(17:10 Downtown)      
18:00(18:10 Downtown)      
19:00(19:10 Downtown)      
1. Shuttle bus needs to be reserved with the hotel service center three days before, depending on whether the accommodation plan includes the fee or not.
2. The boarding point is the east exit of Hualien Railway Station, and service staff will holding sign
3. Departure from train station through downtown: 15:10, 16:10, 17:10, 18:10, 19:10, the waiting point is 石來運轉
4. The airport shuttle will according to your flight arrival time, and service staff will holding sign at the exit.
5. Train Station→Hotel about 30 minutes by car. Airport→hotel about 40 minutes by car.
6. The listed schedule is the departure time, please attends on time.
7. Service Center:03-8123900#2936-7。

※ Taxi booking service is also available. Please reserve 30 minutes in advance if necessary.