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Hualien Train Station
18 km - 50 min
Ocean Park
4.5 km - 15 min
Farglory Ocean Park
Farglory Ocean Park
Wander around Farglory Ocean Park, show a bright smile in joy, experience deep marine education and biological mysteries. Creating a perfect memories for everyone.
  • Experience the marine style at Farglory Ocean Park

    Experience the marine style at Farglory Ocean Park

    Unlike ordinary amusement parks that focus on mechanical and artificial amusement facilities. Farglory Ocean Park presents visitors with a leisure park that combines amusement and educational significance.
  • Amazing Dreamland

    Amazing Dreamland

    The eight theme areas of Farglory Ocean Park are full of dreams and surprises, including Ocean Village, Adventure Island, Carnival Happy Street, Pirate Bay, Brighton Coast, Underwater Kingdom, and more. In addition to fun and exciting recreational facilities, there are four amazing themed performances.
Travels & Facilities
Visit the invincible beauty of the Pacific Ocean, free to enjoy the top resort atmosphere and diverse facilities
  • Pacific Sunrise

    Pacific Sunrise

    Five-star hotel with the most unique geographical location and the best view on the island of Taiwan.
  • Treasure your Time with Family

    Treasure your Time with Family

    Leave limited time to family and enjoy the moment together.
A Terroir Trip of the Taste
Five-star culinary team selected savoy, fresh ingredients from Hualien
Weddings & Meetings
It is no matter your lifelong event, or an important business meeting. Farglory Hotel has prepared the most international professional banquet service and planning team to provide the most comprehensive and diverse solutions, venue selection, and help create every perfect event!
  • 宴會會議
    Meetings and Events


  • 皇家婚禮
    Weddings and Occasions


Reviews of Farglory Hotel
Reviews of Farglory Hotel
Serve every travelers coming from far away with sincere and warm enthusiasm, create every amazing moment.
Comments from Guests
  • Friendly atmosphere, luxurious hall. Very good resort hotel
  • Quiet and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city,
    Is a good place to stay