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  • Restaurants
    Five theme restaurants of Farglory Hotel: British Garden, Oriental Garden, Akikusa, The Piazza and Love Bakery
    A beautiful day begins with a gourmet feast. A variety of meals and choices will allow you to enjoy your taste buds and visual experience. You can enjoy the changes of the Pacific Ocean, and elegant atmosphere of English manor style.
  • British Garden
    Elegantly enjoy a romantic feast in the atmosphere of an English manor and indulge in delicious dishes!
    We prepare delicious cuisines from all over the world, insist on using the freshest ingredients of the season. Our chef create different food events according to the seasons and present the most exquisite exotic cuisines.
  • Oriental Garden
    A feast of Chinese cuisine that gathers the treasures of sea and land delicacies.
    Full of Chinese elegant style, the chef and the five-star cooking team carefully select local organic fruits and vegetables and current seafood in Hualien
  • Akikusa
    Inheriting the classic elegance of the Kyoto banquet, carefully selected seasonal ingredients to create authentic dishes
    Selected local fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables of Hualien the prepared with delicate and slow fire, insisting to provide the original flavor
  • The Piazza
    Trendy British atmosphere with wonderful bartender and music performances
    Relax and enjoy our bartender's signature cocktails. Experience amazing night of music, wine and food
  • Love Bakery
    Daily hand-made pastries, enjoy the warm taste
    The dazzling small cake box is like a small piece of art. Daily baked bread with a fresh fragrance and the soft taste is unforgettable.