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Rich Bear Energy House 花蓮遠雄悅來大飯店

線上訂房的 飯店 在 花蓮縣壽豐鄉
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Rich Bear Energy House

Vitality, energy and a having a great time while recharging your mind, body and spirit!

Children’s Playroom

Farglory Hotel is equipped with children’s slide, reading room and building block area, etc. The interior of the children’s playroom adopts safe, padded materials, allowing children to have fun in a safe environment. The multitude of game facilities not only let them enjoy themselves but also increases quality family time.

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Indoor Swimming Pool

Farglory Hotel has a heated indoor swimming pool, children’s pool, hydrotherapy pool, sauna and steam room that are open all year round for you to alleviate your stress amid the serene ambiance and feel rejuvenated.

8.1.5室內泳池 8.休閒娛樂03

The Ocean Pool

With the sea and the sky merging into the horizon seamlessly, the blue outdoor swimming pool offers you the freedom of swimming under the dazzling sun and azure sky. Guests can frolic in the water, admire the seascape or simple enjoy bathing under the sun on the poolside deck chairs to unwind their body and mind.

8.1.6戶外泳池-水悅池 DSC_0477

Table Tennis and Pool

Farglory Hotel features table tennis and pool tables for you to relish in the thrill of exercising, making them essential recreational activities to enhance family bond when staying at the hotel.

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Fitness Center

The fitness center is equipped with comprehensive workout equipment such as treadmills, upright bikes and multi-stations, keeping you fit during your holiday.


Cocobar KTV

Sing till your heart’s content in the coin-operated karaoke booth.

Simply close the door, and the soundproof structure allows you to sing your heart out without feeling embarrassed.

In your personal karaoke space, feel free to enjoy the fun of singing in the most relaxing way.