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Theme Suite

Adorned with opulent, artistic décor from 19th century England, guests are taken back in time and transformed into English aristocrats

Farglory Hotel offers 16 uniquely themed suites, encompassing marvelous sceneries ranging from the ocean, sunrise to moonlit sea, the most remarkable sights on the Pacific Ocean. Mimicking England’s flourishing Victorian Era of 1837 to 1901, guests will be able to savor an exotic vacation ambiance. From the interior decorations, tableware, fabrics to paintings, every element embodies five major design themes that include English architectural landscape, cultural history, Shakespearean literature, arts and music. This is complemented by elegant English furniture and suave English character to demonstrate unique British flair, where guests can savor every moment of splendor in a lighthearted, gracious manner amid the cozy, inviting space.



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