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Body Relaxation Series

Lullaby Relaxation therapy 40 minutes
The aroma therapist’s hands dance’s on your back provide a completely relaxing massage amid the permeating fragrance of pure essential oils.
Suitable for people experiencing aromatherapy for the first time.


Volcanic Hot Stone Relaxation therapy 40 minutes
Feel the natural thermal energy of the hot stone propagating from your waist to neck. The deep massage technique clears the channels and soothes pressure on your back. Suitable for office workers suffering from shoulder, neck, waist and back ache due to prolonged sitting or standing.


Full Body Relaxation Massage 70 minutes
The muscle relaxation massage introduces tranquility to your body and mind by soothing the nerves and muscles and stimulating blood circulation. Suitable for people with tense nerves, insomnia, or anyone who wishes to experience aromatherapy massage.


Deluxe Deep Relaxation Massage 70 minutes
From the head to the feet use the deep muscle and meridian acupressure massage method, the integration of boxing massage force and the deep strength of the hand skills.the course of treatment for men exclusive.

Full Body Purification Series

Body Exfoliation therapy Treatments 40 minutes
Natural kernels are used to stimulate skin metabolism. While exfoliating, the therapy also nourishes your skin, stimulates blood circulation, nerve endings and increases absorption by the skin.


Mineral Mud Detoxification therapy 40 minutes
The abundant trace minerals detoxify your body and foster metabolism. Suitable for people with acidic physique, lack of exercise, and sweating.


Salt Glow and Dead Sea Mud Therapy 70 minutes
Extremely rare natural pink rock salt is applied in this therapy to unleash limitless life energy and eliminate negative energies on your body, thereby attaining natural cleansing of the body, mind and spirit.

Skin Care Series

Whitening and Moisturizing Therapy 60 minutes Facial Whitening and Moisturizing Therapy
Facial cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing; lymphatic drainage therapy is applied to rejuvenate your face by stimulating the skin cells.


Mineral Mud Detoxification therapy 90 minutes
The lymphatic drainage and detoxification aromatherapy is based on skin rejuvenation, exfoliation and intense moisturizing technology to infuse the essence deep into the facial skin cells to achieve skin conditioning and tightening. This is followed by a head and shoulder channel relaxation massage.


Discover Therapy 40 minutes
The quick skincare therapy is suitable for busy women who require skin conditioning, where skin beautification can be achieved within a short time to present a silky smooth, tender texture and radiant skin complexion.


Energy Therapy 70 minutes
The therapy activates the skin’s restoration and defense mechanism to guard against damage caused by external environments. As a result, cell energy and metabolism is stimulated to repair the skin’s vitality and functions, thereby creating a flawless, healthy skin texture.

Classic Package Therapy

Treasure Hualien Hot Stone Balancing Therapy 100 minutes
Seven chakra stones including Hualien’s rose stone, black color jade, color crystals and mylonite are heated to release their magical mineral energies that can in turn be absorbed by the human body to stimulate blood circulation and relieve pressure. Suitable for people with cold hands and feet, poor circulation or stiff muscles.


Body Purifying and Relaxation therapy 110 minutes
Body exfoliation therapy + body relaxation and soothing massage therapy


Full Body Purification Set therapy 120 minutes
Mineral mud wrap detoxification therapy + relaxation and soothing massage therapy


Full body cuticle removal+facial whitening+relaxing massage 160 minutes
Pink rock salt wrap therapy + flawless, radiant moisturizing facial therapy + body relaxation and soothing massage


  • Our complete therapy process involves: essential oil consultation, shower, independent steam room, energy hydrotherapy. After the therapy, we will provide evaluation and recommendations on body care, because just like you, we care about the completeness of the therapies.
  • Each therapy room is equipped with a comprehensive suite of skincare products, hairdryer and toiletries for your convenience. Please come and experience the wonderful time with a joyous heart.

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