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Introduction of Farglory Hotel

Farglory Hotel stands 220 meters high and covers dozens of hectares. With the mountains to one side and the ocean to the other, Farglory Hotel is also close to Farglory Ocean Park, Hualien. Be it of the nearby Mugua Stream, the Central Mountains, Hualien City, or the Pacific Ocean, the hotel offers an amazingly clear vista.

Close to 400 guestrooms and five luxurious restaurants and bars, Farglory Hotel can provide lodging for more than one thousand guests. Of the suites, half face the mountain, while the other half overlook the ocean.

Planned by the world renowned hotel design company, WAT&G, the hotel is laid out in the elegant Victorian style and complemented by the tasteful placement of the fountains, plants, and sculptures. The spaces, such as Farglory Plaza, Four Seasons Garden, Poet Garden, Volcano Theater, the Fountain of Life, Belle SPA, and Rich  House, are so enticingly Victorian that visitors could be forgiven for suddenly feeling that they are in a classic English villa.

  • A view of the azure Pacific Ocean to the east, the bustling downtown Hualien and Port of Hualien to the north, the verdant Taroko Gorge to the west and the picturesque eastern coastline and Hualien Farglory Ocean Park to the south
  • Situated high up in Lingding (elevation of 220m), the five-star, the Victorian palace-themed vacation hotel features close to 400 guestrooms and outstanding views.
  • Accommodation capacity: 1,000 persons
  • Common areas: International conference room (600 persons), Piazza KTV Pub (152 persons), Oriental Garden Restaurant (182 persons), British Garden Restaurant (168 persons), Akikusa Japanese Restaurant (109 persons), The Oceana pool bar (90 persons), shopping arcade, dessert room, laundry room, flower shop, underground parking (173 spaces).
  • Rich Bear Energy House: heated indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, sauna, SPA, fitness Center, video game’s room, kid's club.